New Diabetes Drugs May Also Aid Weight Loss

Diabetes and excess weight are probably the two common issues that more and more people have to deal with nowadays. Both are even closely linked to each other, as some studies suggest. It may also be this link that may someday help people treat one in order to also treat the other. And as what […]

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Avoiding Diabetes Complications

For many diabetics, managing their condition is a lifelong commitment. With doctors and researchers not yet finding an effective cure for diabetes, the best that sufferers can do is to manage and maintain a healthier lifestyle. This also means being able to avoid developing those harmful diabetes complications. Here are some of the ways that […]

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Decaf Coffee May Help Reduce Diabetes Risk

It has been known in prior studies that coffee and tea may have an effect on diabetes risk. But new research suggests that even drinking decaffeinated coffee may also reduce risk of developing diabetes. The study indicated that decaffeinated coffee may be helping improve energy metabolism in the brain that is associated with type 2 […]

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Study Suggests Diabetes Starts In The Intestines

Diabetes is a disease that still has no known cure. There are many surprising things that researchers have been learning about this condition. One of the recent findings indicate that diabetes may in fact start in the intestines. Researchers from the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis may have found a surprising origin […]

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Sitting Around Increases Diabetes Risk In Women

Diabetes affects millions of people worldwide, both male and female alike. But it seems that the disease seems to affect both genders in different ways. A new study about the disease may provide some bit of proof on this. A new study has just showed that women who are prone to sitting for long period […]

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Potential Diabetes Treatment Via Glucagon Pathway

Many diabetics have always been dependent on insulin treatment as a means to control diabetes. Insulin is a hormone that removes glucose in the bloodstream to maintain the proper levels. But researchers have recently found a potentially better approach to controlling blood sugar levels by means of the glucagon pathway. Glucagon is a natural hormone […]

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