Diabetes Symptoms You Should Be Aware Of

shutterstock_166231574Diabetes is a disease that can affect a person’s standard of living. But it is also a disease that can be treatable with sound blood sugar management through diet and exercise as well as use of certain diabetes drugs. The problem is that sometimes people may not be aware that they have diabetes until it is too late. Here are some of the common diabetes symptoms that people should know.

Urge To Urinate

People who have diabetes may have the urge to urinate more often than normal. Even if they already have relieved themselves, diabetics may have the urge to urinate just a few minutes later. This is due to too much glucose going into the kidneys that it cannot filter back into the bloodstream. The kidneys will begin to take water from the blood in order to dilute the glucose. This effect can also cause your bladder to fill up quickly.

Unexplained Thirst

Because the urge to urinate becomes more frequent among diabetics, they also tend to lose out the water in their body. The dehydration may cause the body to take in more water. This causes diabetics to feel thirsty most of the time. If you have been drinking more than the usual amount of water you drink daily, then you may need to check for diabetes, just to make sure.

Weight Loss

More common among people with type 1 diabetes, unexplained weight loss is caused when the body cannot process glucose effectively anymore as a result of either lack of or too little insulin. It is brought about by the body trying to find other sources of energy since it cannot use the glucose in the bloodstream. The body will the look for other sources of energy. It will then begin to burn other sources such as fat and muscle tissue.


If you feel tired and fatigued many times, just remember that it may be about your diabetes that is causing it. Glucose in the bloodstream cannot be filtered and cannot be used to bring energy. It will cause people to become tired or listless.
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